Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

crafted in phoenix az

  • Beautiful Paints & Stains
  • Glazing & Artisanal Techniques
  • Custom Crafted for Specialty Shapes

The beauty of wood shutters will always be the height of style. Classic sophistication combines with the durability of custom-crafted hardwood to create plantation shutters. The design features of hardwood shutters goes beyond the overall look, with the addition of glazing and other artisanal techniques, resulting in a truly unique finish. Enjoy energy efficiency, light control and amazing view through with shutters for the windows and doors of your Cleveland area home.

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Handle Cut-Outs

The patio doors & french doors of your home need both function and style. Wood shutters are an excellent choice. They improve the atmosphere in your home while allowing you to operate your door handles without hassle. Custom door handle cut-outs allow you to turn handles or knobs, with room for your hand, customized in curved or rectangular shaped options.

Specialty Shapes

Custom-shaped windows, such as those with arches and angles, add unique style to the look of your home. Increase the light control and privacy of these beautiful windows with wood shutters. Our interior shutters are crafted to match the shape of your custom windows, enhancing the character of your home by providing the benefits you need.


Hardwood shutters are a timeless design choice. With a wide selection of paints and stains available for you to customize the look of your wood shutters, you can also coordinate your shutters with the look of your home. Match your window shutters to window trim, baseboards, and other interior design elements. The protection provided by these custom finishes will allow your shutters to maintain their beauty and function for years to come.