Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

crafted in cumberland md

The beauty of nature combines with the innovation of window treatments to bring you woven wood shades from the Provenance collection.

  • Woven textures of bamboo, grasses, reeds or wood
  • Natural light filters through fibers
  • Liners available for additional light control
  • Dual option for woven shade + honeycomb shade

Woven materials such as grasses and bamboo, create distinct style with the ability to filter light gracefully. Update the style of your home with woven shades that blend into your surroundings or stand out for a natural style statement. These woven woods are available with motorized control and room darkening options.

~New~ Recent innovation in Woven Wood shades adds the option of the Duolite® dual shade systemThis collection has the unique feature of a secondary energy efficient cellular shade which provides comfort as well and energy savings. 

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woven organic shade with backing for extra light control

Optional Liner

The light filtering provided by woven shades is a well-loved feature. However, there are rooms where you’d like more control. For those spaces, you have the chance to add a liner to your woven wood shades, with options for an additional layer of light control or even room darkening.

close up detail of woven fabric for custom window treatments

Variety of Fabrics

The textures, colors and specific weave patterns of this collection is created using a variety of organic materials. Reeds, grasses, bamboo and wood are selected for a custom look. When woven, these materials produce an earthy vibe with dimension and style. Bamboo shades are an incredibly popular design choice.

sideview of woven shade with a honeycomb dual shade behind

Optional Dual Honeycomb Shades

For rooms that are positioned to get an intense amount of sunshine, the newest innovation will help block light and heat! The dual shades feature is available as a front woven woods shade, paired with a secondary honeycomb shade. Enjoy beauty with all the benefits of energy efficiency.