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It’s time to upgrade the exterior areas of your home! At Timan Custom Window Treatments, we love helping clients create their dream sanctuaries in their very own backyards. It’s beautiful here in Northeastern Ohio, and by upgrading your patio area with the best outdoor products, you can help your backyard reach its full potential. Extend the season of time you spend outdoors–even create options to be out there year-round! We specialize in exterior patio shades that protect your family and friends from the intensity of the sun. It’s the outdoor living room you’ve been visualizing, with a new pergola, featuring a full roof or louvers that close. Enjoy much-needed privacy with aesthetically pleasing walls and patio shades. Add features to this dreamy space with lighting, fans and automated control.

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Azenco Outdoor

Create a perfect space on the exterior of your home, where your family can be comfortable and relax. Azenco outdoor shading systems, like solid roof pergolas louvered roofs, cabanas and more, create the ultimate in indoor-outdoor living experience. Specialty roof options offer technology that can provide insulation and temperature control for the ideal atmosphere while outside. The roofs can be engineered with solar panels, waterproofing and integrated gutters. Hardware is concealed for a clean aesthetic.

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Privacy Walls

Enjoy your backyard more. Privacy walls create a comfortable atmosphere with protection against prying eyes or street traffic.

Automated Screens

Automated screens adjust into place to protect your covered patio area from sun, UV rays, insects and weather.

LED Lights

Adding LED lights to your covered pergola extends the daily usage of your outdoors space.

Louvered Roof

This revolutionary design allows you to enjoy the open air, closing the louvers with weather changes.

Progressive Screens

Progressive Screens is a top name in motorized patio shades for Chagrin Falls homes. Due to patented technology and elements, the MagnaTrack System prevents common issues seen with other patio shade products. These exterior screen shades will not jam due to the type of system in place. The high quality materials used prevent snagging. This specialized technology offers an amazing experience with hassle-free motorized exterior shades, while protecting your investment. The MagnaTrack System for patio shades removes 98% of common issues that often lead to problems down the road, while improving your experience today!

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Solar Screens

Motorized exterior shades block harsh UV rays and soften direct light. The view is enjoyable, creating a tucked away sanctuary that will be a much cooler area for family and friends to relax.

Insect Screens

Patio shades are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs we have here in Northeastern Ohio. Cut down the exposure to mosquitos, gnats and other flying pests.

Vinyl Screens

Outdoor vinyl screen shades are capable of protecting you from the elements, not just summer sun. Get control of the temperature in your outdoor patio while creating a shield from year-round weather and wind.

MagnaTrack System

Only the best materials are used to create a hassle-free experience with your outdoor shades. The MagnaTrack System is patented to avoid common problems. No snags, no hangups, no jamming of your motorized exterior shades.

Mirage Screen Systems

Vanishing screen doors when not in use–does that sound like a dream? Mirage Screen Systems feature retractable screens that disappear from view when opened fully. These custom-fit screen doors are perfect when you need a screen door, but the doors hide from view when not in use. From the smooth gliding movement, to the Pivot Pro Handle, the design of these screen doors intentionally creates a more enjoyable indoor-outdoor living experience. Retractable screen doors are the ideal way to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors, sliding into place to protect your interiors when you want the doors open.

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Sliding Screen Doors

Retractable sliding screen doors are custom made to fit all regular patio doors, french doors, pivot doors and sliding glass doors.

Large Retractable Screen Doors

The largest doors of your home, from sliding glass doors and pivot doors, to folding doors and french doors, require big solutions to soften light. Retractable screen doors can handle it!

Motorized Patio Screens

Motorized patio shades are an amazing addition to your outdoor area. Protect your patio area from direct light, UV rays, weather and bugs with simple, motorized control.

Garage Door Screens

Rolling doors, often found on garages, need solutions, too! Garage door screen shades are an ideal option when you want to protect this interior space.

Screen Enclosures

Enjoy shade, protection and privacy while getting fresh air in your outdoor living room. Screen enclosures are a great way to extend the use of your existing patio, porch, or deck. They can also upgrade a brand new space. By enclosing areas with screens, you get the benefits of outdoor living, but protect the space from nature’s debris–like leaves and sticks. They also serve to protect against insects, as well as other animals, such as birds and chipmunks. Screen enclosures are a great space for pets to enjoy the outdoors without running off. These patio screen rooms are a cost effective way to outfit an outdoor living space with comfort. You can also cover specialty shaped sections of your patio with screen enclosures for the added protection you need for outdoor life.

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Child Safe

With patio screen exclosures, children can play outside in a safe environment without worry. Screen shades are outfitted with child safe features.

Cost Effective

Creating an outdoor space is an investment in the enjoyment of your home, and screen enclosures are a cost effective way of creating an outdoor living space.

Specialty Shapes

When you have specialty shaped patio openings and transoms, screen enclosures offer protection from UV rays, bugs and birds from entering the living space.

motorized patio shades on a built-in patio area in Chagrin Falls

Whisper Quiet Motor

Motorized patio shades offer whisper quiet operation. Open and close your patio screens instantly without loud noises interrupting special occasions and relaxation time.

Motorization, indoor and outdoor.

With interior or exterior motorized screen shades, you can protect your home from harsh sunlight with the touch of a button or on a schedule. You’ll also extend the outdoor season at your Ohio home with motorized patio shades that close with the simplest convenience. Enjoy the view and reduced light with motorized shades that show off the landscape, while you comfortably relax outside. Choose opaque options for areas that receive all day sun, blocking the intense light and keeping your patio cool. Motorized patio shades allow you to control these custom options with ease and convenience–control at your fingertips with your chosen smart phone or device. It’s this intentional design that creates an atmosphere in your yard that you and your family deserve.

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Our products are installed by professionally trained team members.

Your outdoor area needs features that require professional Installation. The team of Timan’s professional installers are dedicated to customer service and working closely with the manufacturer guidelines to ensure products function as intended. Our team is able to add the necessary low voltage wiring for motorized patio shades. We work with the homeowner, demonstrating usage, guiding you through the set up and installation, as well as walking you through product warranties and answering any questions.

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We were thrilled with our experience with Timan Custom Window Treatments, from our initial visit to their showroom in Chagrin Falls, to the in-home consult with Kathy, through the installation process.
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