Bare Windows to Glowing Atmosphere: See the Dramatic Difference

bare windows Cleveland

Summer is in full swing! We’ve sure been enjoying the sunny skies and warm breezes that make Cleveland a fabulous place to live. Summer can be an amazing time of year, but if you find yourself struggling, you either don’t have window shades, or you don’t have the right ones. With the correct window coverings, your home can have the light control, privacy, UV protection, and energy efficiency it needs to let you enjoy this time of year. This before and after transformation–from bare windows to glowing atmosphere–is proof that the right window shades make all the difference when it comes to both beauty and comfort. Check out the dramatic change, and discover the incredible possibilities for your own home and life.

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Modern Roller Shades: Gorgeous Styling and Innovative Design

Modern Roller Shades Timan Custom Window Treatments Cleveland 44125

When something’s been around for hundreds of years, you know it does its job. Roller shades are one of those things. But, let’s face it, with modern conveniences and new style trends, the shades your grandmother had just won’t cut it in your home. Hunter Douglas knew it was time for a change, and that’s why they reimagined and redesigned every detail of roller shades. It’s time to meet the newest generation of these classic window treatments. Modern Roller Shades offer you beautiful, contemporary styling and better-than-ever function to make your home and your life amazing.

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A Big Shock: Color of the Year 2016

color of the year 2016 pink and blue

For 25 years, the world’s authority on color, Pantone, has stirred up the fashion and interior design world in December with their color of the year announcement. This year is no different. Forecasting the hue that will inspire colorful exploration and creativity in the coming year, the Pantone Color Institute is known for grabbing the attention of designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. So, what did they decide for 2016’s color of the year? Prepare to be surprised!

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Before you choose window coverings: Do you need single or dual functioning shades?

white silhouette shades on floor to ceiling windows in Rocky River OH living room

Lighting Affects Your Home More Than You Realize

Dual Functioning ShadesThe rooms in your home all have their own individuality…they are created and used for different purposes. The lighting is then chosen to highlight the function and design of those rooms. You probably wouldn’t prefer to have a dimmer in your walk-in closet – in that circumstance, you want the light simply on or off. A dimmer in the dining room is much more appropriate, with the purpose of setting the ideal mood based on time of day and circumstance. Your window coverings are no different. There are single functioning shades and dual functioning shades. Before you choose window coverings, you should know the difference.

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