Create an Amazing Atmosphere with Sheer Window Treatments

Floor to Ceiling Window Shades Timan Custom Window Treatments Chagrin Falls 44022

Think about your home. Now think about what would make the setting perfect. Do you see the soft glow of sunlight in your living room? Do you picture the perfect mix of privacy and natural light in your bathroom? What about being able to instantly switch from enjoying gentle rays to a darkened atmosphere in your bedroom? You can have all of these scenarios and more with sheer window treatments. Here at Timan Window Treatments, our design consultants want to help you transform your home into everything you’re dreaming of with window shades from our collection of sheer shadings. If you want a gorgeous atmosphere, along with light and privacy solutions, sheer shadings are exactly what you need. We promise that it’s not too good to be true. Just look at what sheer window treatments have to offer you and your home.

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Tips for an Energy Efficient Home This Winter

energy efficient homes with covered windows in cleveland OH

Are you enjoying the fall weather that’s still hanging around in Cleveland? While it’s truly a treat not to be driving in the snow yet, we have to accept that it’ll be here soon. As the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder, you might already be feeling that winter is sapping energy from your home. Lamps and overhead lights might be doing double-duty, and your heater might be humming almost non-stop. If you’re longing for a more energy efficient home that’ll give you cozy comfort this winter, we have some tips that will help you get just what you want.

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Create the Perfect Holiday Setting with Top-Down Bottom-Up Window Shades

perfect holiday setting with top down shades Rocky River 44116

Family and friends gathered around the table. A fire crackling in the fireplace. Laughter filling the room. The holidays exude feelings of warmth, comfort, and beauty, and your home should too. With only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, now’s the time to create the perfect holiday setting in your home. Seasonal decorations can do a lot to set the mood, but what’s on your windows and doors will have the biggest impact. Without the right window coverings, your holiday displays will fall flat and your house won’t bring you or your guests comfort and joy. Top-down bottom-up window shades are ideal for getting the holiday atmosphere you want in your home. They’ll truly make this season merry and bright.

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Don’t Let Danger Hide In Your Home: Seek Out Child-Safe Window Coverings

child's playroom with cordless child safe window coverings in Cleveland OH home

“Ready or not, here I come…” a familiar line to any parent. Kids love Hide-and-Seek–the suspense of waiting in a dark closet, the thrill of searching on tiptoed feet–they count on you to find them. Did you know, along with your children, safety hazards may be hiding in your home…even in plain sight? One place you might not think to look is at your window treatments. At Timan Window Treatments, we want to make sure you have the information you need to seek out child-safe window coverings for your home. Here are answers to three questions that might be running through your mind.

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Our Top 3 Sleep Solutions for Your Family

room darkening blinds for bedrooms Cleveland OH

Another Cleveland summer is in the books, and a new school year is under way. After the laid-back days of vacation, it can be hard to get everyone back on a regular schedule. How’s your family coping with the change? Is the vibe in your household whiny, irritable, and anxious? If so, it probably has more to do with poor sleep than school. Sleep affects your physical, mental, and emotional health, so make sure everyone is getting a good night’s rest. How? Try one or all of our superb sleep solutions to bring back your family’s smiles and easygoing attitudes.

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Save Your Home from the Summer Heat with 3 Transforming Features

get better sleep with window shades in Cleveland OH

Summer is what we live for in Cleveland. Finally thawing out from the freezing temperatures of winter and saying goodbye to the dreary rain clouds of spring, we revel in the summer sun. With the recent abundance of sunny days, are you and your home now baking? While we all delight in the chance to get outside and enjoy the sun’s warm rays, they can wreak havoc on you and your home if you do not have the right kind of window coverings inside. Don’t worry; there’s hope! Our team at Timan Window Treatments is here to help. Here are three features we recommend to save your home from the summer heat and transform it into a comfortable, energy-efficient haven you’ll love all year round.

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Effortless Control: Introducing PowerView

motorized shades offer sleep solutions for your Cleveland OH home

We know how busy you are. You spend all your time making sure everyone has what they need, when and where they need it. Don’t you think it’s time you were taken care of? The newest innovation from Hunter Douglas offers the automation and benefits you may have only dreamed about. PowerView, a revolutionary new level of motorized window coverings, will transform your home…and your life. Your Cleveland area home will never be the same, and you won’t want it to be. Just wait till you see what PowerView can do!

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