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Need Child Safe Window Coverings?

Children are curious and adventurous. Your home should be their safety zone, and with cordless blinds, shades and shutters, it can be. Tempting, but very dangerous, dangling cords can pose serious risks to children and pets. We offer a variety of cordless and child safe blinds that will let your children play freely and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Find the ideal operating system for your home and lifestyle with one of our recent articles.

Cordless Blinds, Shades and Shutters

LiteRise Cordless

The LiteRise operating system puts control into your hands, and not in a tangled mess alongside your window. The bottom rail of your shades is designed to be handled. Push up or pull down to open, close and adjust your window coverings. Don’t worry–they stay where you put them. Enjoy safety, along with the benefits of privacy, light control, energy savings & more.

PowerView Automation

When you think of cordless blinds and shades, there’s a good chance remote control blinds come to mind. Activated with a tap or a voice command, smart shades will add convenience, privacy, light control, efficiency–and safety to your home. Save your favorite settings or schedule adjustments ahead of time. And, do it all without dangling cords.

SimpleLift Cordless

The tangled mess of cords hanging next to the window is a thing of the past. With the SimpleLift system, you push a button on the bottom rail to access the adjustment–gently pushing up or pulling down as the button is pressed. Your cordless blinds will stay right where you place them. It’s that easy. No hassle, no danger.