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Need Floor to Ceiling Blinds & Shades?

Large windows fill your home with glowing light & beautiful landscape views. But, the frustration of flooding light, uncomfortable heat and glare takes over. Not to mention, the little to no privacy can make you uncomfortable in your own home. Enjoy life more with the right floor to ceiling window blinds. What can they do?

  • Maximum View with Light Control
  • Reduced Glare
  • Privacy When You Need It
  • Energy Savings

It’s all about balance. Add smart shades to bring ease & convenience for these hard to reach windows. Create a gorgeous atmosphere within your Chagrin Falls area home while enjoying the view just outside, with floor to ceiling blinds from Hunter Douglas.

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What Can Window Treatments for Large Windows Do?

The view is stunning. The natural light fills your home with mood-enhancing energy. And, those are the reasons you fell in love with them. But, living with little privacy and relentless light can become a daily frustration. It’s hard to feel comfortable with constant views inside, glare, harsh temperatures…something must be done. Covering large windows is a highly researched area of window treatments, so let’s fill you in on some details!

Sizing Specifics

We start to label windows as *large* when they are wider than 48 inches and taller than 72 inches. Certainly floor to ceiling windows, picture windows and sliding doors fall into this category. If you’d like an idea of which products are capable of covering the largest windows of your home, we recently identified sizes based on our most popular collections. Sizing information and operating features can vary, based on specific window type and structural details.

Top Features

It’s not just the window treatments that deliver the experience. More than ever before, it’s the features you’ll love. Especially with large windows, you don’t want to lose the light and gorgeous views you’ve come to love.

Top Down Shades create the option for privacy + light control at the same time. By lowering from the top, your shades will be providing a majority of window coverage, fighting to block the heat, direct light and glare. Illuminating light enters across the ceiling to make it bright, while you enjoy solitude.

Smart Shades provide the coverage you need–exactly when you need it most. From the simplest tap of a remote or smart phone, to voice commands and pre-scheduled adjustments, your home will get natural light and access to outdoor views, closing to protect the interiors from the elements. Your largest windows might also be positioned where they are hard to adjust–smart shades make it easy and convenient.

Energy Saving Shades are a must when windows face South or West, especially during the hot summer months. Window treatments for large windows can cover the majority of the glass to protect your home from becoming an oven during the day.

Coordinating All the Windows

If you have a mix of large windows, standard windows and sliding doors, you’re not alone. This is common, and it can leave many wondering how to choose floor to ceiling blinds, shades, shutters or drapery. It can be even more challenging when trying to make choices for an open floor plan home, where everything shares the space together. Today’s style leans heavily on coordinating the look, not demanding that every element matches. This means you can choose the window treatments, fabrics and operating features that fit the specific window needs best.