Specialty Shapes

Specialty Shapes

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Angled & Arched Window Coverings

The specialty shaped windows in your home offer incredible style, but they also need solutions. Enjoy light control, privacy and energy efficiency with angled or arched window coverings.

  • Enhance the architectural design
  • Match the shape of the window
  • Coordinate with other window treatments

While hesitation to cover arched and angled windows is normal, choosing customization will bring the relief! You’ll preserve the unique look of the windows, with options from a wide variety of window treatments. If you’re not sure what’s possible, our team can help! We’ll guide you to choices throughout the collections. The trickiest windows in your home? No problem. Learn More.

Available Products:

More Questions about Angled & Arched Window Coverings?

As much as homeowners love their specialty shaped windows, there can be a level of frustration surrounding them. The design is unique–bringing character and style to the home. Hesitating to cover them is normal. Sometimes, the best thing to do is discover answers to your questions and find out what’s possible, so you can make the best decision for your home.

What solutions are needed?

One of the most important factors in choosing the right window coverings is the specific issues you’re facing. Entering light and heat can heavily influence the type you need, as well as the amount of privacy you prefer.

Do you have a favorite type of window treatment?

If you find yourself drawn to a certain type of covering–or you already have them in your home–and you don’t see them on our list of choices for specialty shapes, there are options! While not every window covering collection we have is available for custom shapes, many of the fabrics we have will coordinate nicely with other window coverings in the same shared space.

Will custom shaped treatments adjust, or do they stay in the same position?

It depends on which window treatments you choose. Some will remain in place, without moving. Others are adjustable. When deciding which type you’d like, the biggest consideration will be the issues you have with your particular windows, such as how much light, heat, or privacy affects your home.

Is partial coverage the right choice? Or would you like full coverage?

As you make choices, you should know that some homeowners choose to keep the top part of their specialty shaped windows bare. This effect is similar to top down shades, where the light enters across the ceiling, while the majority of the window is covered.