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Privacy + Natural Light? Discover Top Down Shades.

Looking for ways to block the view into your home while still enjoying plenty of natural light? Top down bottom up shades offer the best of both worlds. Adjust the top down to daylight your home. The rest of your window remains covered for privacy and preferred light control and energy efficiency. Top down shades give you the control you want and the benefits you deserve for your Cleveland area home. More ideas here.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades


Sunlight streams in across your ceiling, illuminating the space. But, there’s no glare, no light in your eyes. And, the temperature is comfortable. How is that possible? With top down shades, of course! Lowered from the top, the valuable bright sunshine enters, lighting up the room as it travels in across the top of the space. The rest of the room gains the benefits of covered windows.


Street-level windows, upstairs windows…they both should be capable of delivering privacy when you need it. The trouble is–you don’t want to feel in the dark just because you’d prefer privacy. With top down shades, you can invite beautiful natural light and sky/treetop views–all while privacy is the top priority. Feel productive & gain energy with sunshine and views, but enjoy your privacy, too.

Custom Adjustments

A little down from the top, a little up from the bottom–that just might be the perfect way to position your shades to keep the glare off of your screens and out of your eyes. Maybe the sunlight coming in gives you plenty of light, but Fluffy likes to see just out the very bottom of the window. Every scenario seems successful with top down shades. They put the custom in custom adjustments.

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