Top Down Bottom Up Shades: Transform Your Home!

Springtime welcomes refreshing sunshine and an eagerness to get outside–is the uncontrolled light and the increase in foot traffic just outside your doors swaying your excitement? How about the forecast? While we can’t do anything about the weather–that’s up to Mother Nature–we can help you solve the frustrations that often accompany beautiful weather. With the innovation of top down bottom up shades, your Cleveland area home will feature the right amount of light, a comfortable temperature, the perfect level of privacy and the UV protection you deserve.

The Right Amount of Light

No longer  feel like you’re in a cave to get some relief.
We’ve all been waiting for this time of year–the sunshine, the refreshing air, the chance to enjoy some time outside. The last thing you want is to be annoyed by too much light and distressing glare. With top down bottom up shades, you get the perfect adjustment for your home.

top down shades for your Cleveland home Cleveland 44125

A truly custom experience that you can adjust based on your preferences, according to the time of day and how light interacts with your home. Bring down the shades slightly to usher in brilliant daylighting. Avoid the glare and the direct light, while still revealing in the gorgeous sunlight.

A Comfortable Temperature

Experience comfort no matter the season.
It’s all about balance. You want to enjoy the sunshine of springtime, but flooding sunlight into your home is not comfortable, and it raises the temperature ten-fold as summer approaches. With top down bottom up shades, you’ll get the chance to maintain a comfortable temperature without having to sacrifice the beautiful light.

Hunter Douglas energy efficient shades top down bottom up shades Rocky River 44116

Welcome just the right amount of light, and block out most of the exhausting direct light at the same time. Adjust both the top and bottom while you enjoy the view just beyond your windows for the customization you need.

The Perfect Level of Privacy

Never worry about prying eyes again.
Each room in your home serves a different purpose, and even meet your needs in multiple ways across the day. You should be in control of your privacy. It’s comfort that matters, and top down bottom up shades are the ideal way to experience the ultimate control.

Hunter Douglas motorized shades top down bottom up shades Chagrin Falls 44022

Your bed and bath are prime candidates for inviting fresh sunshine in at ceiling level, while the rest of the room is concealed. Get your day started in comfort. But then…even throughout your home, you deserve to adjust the view-in to meet your personal preference.

UV Protection You Deserve

Keep your valuables safe for years to come.
Direct light can be frustrating during the sunniest times of the year, even though we look forward to it all winter. But what about your home’s interior? Even during the coldest months, bare windows allow harmful UV rays to enter your home.

living room top down bottom up shades Cleveland 44125

UV rays can dull your furnishings and walls, fade flooring and artwork, just causing general chaos with your valuables. Top down bottom up window shades can correct all of that. Keeping direct light out during the day allows you to protect your investment and keep your home looking beautifully decorated for years to come.

Love the Sound of Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

If any of this sounded familiar, you’re ready for the innovation of top down bottom up shades. With the ability to customize the light, temperature, privacy and UV protection of your home, you can’t go wrong. We’d love to help. Contact our team, at Timan Custom Window Treatments, for a free, shop-at-home appointment!