Glass Film

Glass Window Film

Take the rooms of your home from view-through glass to opaque privacy in an instant with glass window film. In the on position, you’ll let in an abundance of natural light, and then turn it off to gain instant privacy. Smart Film offers tremendous benefits to your home & life.

  • 99% UV protection open or closed
  • Remote control access
  • Added security at street-level spaces
  • Transition from clear view to opaque
  • Privacy, energy savings & light control solutions

This smart window film can work with power supplied from standard outlets. It’s a custom option for glass surfaces that you’d like to access light + privacy while keeping the area clear of anything extra. Whether you need this revolutionary product on windows or doors, you’ll be amazed at how life-changing the technology is.

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Energy Savings

Reduce HVAC costs due to blocking harsh rays and heat transfer

Security & Privacy

On-demand privacy means that you can ensure the view in is unavailable


UV Protection

99% blockage of UV rays whether in the clear view position or opaque