Window Problems: What Your Neighbors Have to Say

In this day and age, if you’re having issues in your home, the first thing you’ll do is go online. But, the best thing you could do would be to step next door. You have a lot more in common with your neighbors than you realize! Similar homes, climate and sun exposure means that whatever you’re dealing with, they may have already solved. Take a look…

“We’re interested in smart shades, but we’d like to know the cost.”

whole home decorating for woven textures roller shades for patio doors Cleveland OH

This is one of the top questions we get. It’s okay to ask how much it costs to upgrade to smart products, but the answer might surprise you! With the whole world moving towards smart home integration, prices have come down on many of these products–motorized shades included. See more about our smart home system.

“We’ve recently moved, and our neighbors can see right into our living room in the evening–Help!”

window problems solved with Modern living room with top down bottom up shades in Cleveland.

Changing seasons bring changing light. And, when you’re in a new home, each new time of year brings surprises. Some good, some not so good. Privacy is an important factor–even in the common areas of your home. Our top down shades ensure you can have privacy when you want it, without losing the view and the natural light. See Privacy Solutions Inspiration.

“We have a large amount of floor to ceiling windows that need covering, but we want to keep some of the light and the view.”

minimalism tips with custom silhouette shades Chagrin Falls OH

Large windows offer dynamic light and incredible views. But, with them comes flooding light, unreasonable glare, faded interiors and hot temps. With these window problems, you can start to resent those beautiful windows. But, wait! We have coverings that will allow you to enjoy what you love and save you from frustration! Find out more about Floor to Ceiling Solutions.

“We are in a new home, and we need blackout blinds for the bedrooms, with cordless for the kids’ rooms.”

automated shades move to room darkening with apple homekit Hunter Douglas Chagrin Falls 44022

Moving into a new home–there are so many things to think about. The last thing is often the window problems you may end up with. Room darkening is vital to everyone’s health and happiness. Whether you’re looking for window blinds with the smallest light gap on the market, or the latest blackout features that seal out the light, we have it. See Room Darkening Solutions. And, while you’re at it, find out more about Child Safe Window Treatments.

Let’s Work Together on Your Window Problems…

Your home should be your sanctuary. Don’t struggle with issues that your neighbor just solved! At Timan Custom Window Treatments, we’ve been serving the Cleveland area for years! We know just what to do to help you through your window problems so that you can love your home again. Contact our team for your FREE in-home consultation today!