How to Create a Feel Good Home

Your life can feel stressful and hectic. The remedy? A home that features an atmosphere of calm, relaxing vibes. We call this the Feel Good Home, and we’ve got tips to make it a possibility for you and your family.


Good Day = Sunshine

We all know the positive effects that come from sunshine. Spending time in the rooms of your home that bring in the most sun will boost your mood and Vitamin D levels. But, get too much, and exhaustion sets in. We love setting our clients up with window coverings that bring in the natural light in a soft, filtered fashion so you can enjoy the amount that’s right for you.

screen shades protect the interior of the home in Chagrin Falls OH
Designer Screen Shades


Capture Positive Memories

Do you have family photos in your home? Displaying them is a great way to bring personality–whether formal photos, or spontaneous snaps from your phone. Get those pictures printed and start framing. If you have a blank wall, try adding a gallery look with matching frames in an organized array. Or, a ledge shelf lets you easily move frames around without tools.

gallery wall in room with plants

Win the Clutter Wars

Any list or article you read about improving your life will probably include this one. Clutter is a problem for…pretty much everyone. And, there are times that it comes with the territory. (Yes, children, we are talking to you.) But, what can you do?

  • Make time to go through it–on a regular basis.
  • When you can’t get rid of it, make boundaries for rooms where it can exist.
  • Upgrade your home with organization–especially in the spots most prone to clutter.


Design Functional Living

Does your home seem to fit the way you live? Or, do you find yourself frustrated and uncomfortable, often thinking, “We need to change this.” Guess what? It’s your home, and you don’t have to follow any rules. Traditional housing elements? Get rid of them if they don’t work for you! Need questions to get you thinking?

  • Do we have a good space for our family to do something we love together?
  • Are there areas for family members to have quiet time alone?
  • Can we enjoy our hobbies?
  • What would need to change to make our day-to-day lives easier?
blackout shades that open and close in media room in Chagrin Falls OH
Duette® Shades with LightLock™


Catch Some Zzzzz’s

Don’t forget about the power of a good night’s sleep. This is key to creating a feel good home. Design the bedrooms so family members can go to bed at the right time, fall asleep easily, stay asleep–and maybe even sleep in longer!

smart shades controlled with remote
Silhouette® Window Shades with PowerView® Automation


Are You Ready for a Feel Good Home?

A homeowner’s job is never done. But, what could be more rewarding than creating the type of atmosphere where your family can unwind together? If window coverings are on your list of upgrades, our team at Timan Window Treatments can help! We’ll guide you soften the light, control the temperatures, increase the privacy and introduce smart home conveniences. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.