Window Treatments for Black Window Trim

It’s a wow factor at the window. We’re talking about homes with black window trim. The look is chic and modern. But it leaves many homeowners wondering, “What are the best window treatments? Should we be covering that black trim?”

Top Considerations

  • How much of the black window trim would you like to have showing?
  • Do you like to blend colors? Or would you like more of a contrast?
  • Do you have grids in your windows? (Note the way fabrics look in front of grid windows to make the decision that appeals to you.)
  • Are your windows black on black, or black on white? This can affect the way everything appears inside and out.


Scrolling through photos of homes like yours can help you decide which look you like best. Black trim windows look amazing with a number of window treatments, from roman shades to roller shades, and from cellular shades to woven treatments. Draperies are a beautiful way to frame windows, while adding light control, privacy and energy efficiency. Discover your favorites…

The Grids

Window grids bring visual interest to your home–it’s a timeless look. But, you should decide if you want the grids showing through, or whether you’d prefer to only see the grids when the shades are open. You’ll see that some window shades are able to offer a seamless look across the windows, resembling one very wide shade, instead of multiple.

cellular shades in Chagrin Falls OH home

With a light filtering look, you’ll get the grids showing through, while enjoying levels of privacy, light control and UV protection.

screen shades protect the interior of the home with black window trim in Chagrin Falls OH
Designer Screen Shades

The same window–as seen above–is seen here below, featuring room darkening fabrics instead of light-filtering. You’ll experience increased light control and privacy with continued UV protection. But, the grids are only visible when the window shades are in a raised position.

room darkening roller shades over black trim windows
Designer Roller Shades

The dual shades feature can offer the ability to close out the light when you need it, but then only soften it when you want light entering–through a light-filtering sheer roller shade. If you love seeing the grids, but also need room darkening at times, this would be a great option.

living room design in cleveland, oh
Designer Solar Shades with Duolite®


Specialty Shaped Black Trim Windows

Adding even more character to a home, specialty shaped windows with black trim make a statement. Grids can also be part of arched windows, and many homeowners appreciate leaving a portion of the top of the window free of shades so light can enter across the ceiling. This layered look of drapery + roman shades is a popular way to style tall windows, allowing some of the window grid to show through.

sleek dining room olive window treatments with custom pattern Rocky River, OH
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with Drapery

The arches can be left completely bare, creating a show piece of style with interior lighting that enters across the ceiling.

brown leather couch in neutral living room large rounded windows in Cleveland 44125
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

In other cases, the shaped window is covered with a color that contrasts when set against the black trim.

rounded arched window with cellular honeycomb shade in Avon Lake OH home
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Transom windows can either remain bare, or have window coverings in place–depending on how much sunshine this side of your home receives. This option shows off the thick window trim between each window–even the angled ones at the side, with the shades mounted inside the trim.

fall style trends Hunter Douglas duette shades top down bottom up shades Cleveland 44125
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


Speaking of contrast, you can make a statement with a colorful shade, or even a neutral–like gray–against dark window trim.

Large foyer with floor to ceiling windows
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


Showing Off the Side Trim

Similar to the grids, you can choose whether you’d like the black window trim to be part of the design statement whether the shades are open or closed. Sometimes, it can depend on the depth of your windows, or how the window treatments need to be installed. Roman shades can often be designed to show the black trim.

alustra woven textures roman shades on black trim windows
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Or, they can be positioned to cover all of the black elements when closed up.

top down bottom up energy efficient window shades in cleveland heights, ohio
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

These Woven Textures roller shades are positioned to showcase the black window trim between the windows, almost like they were built in place.

Alustra® Woven Textures® in a modern living room in Lakewood OH
Alustra® Woven Textures®

With their sleek, low profile design, roller shades do fit into the look perfectly.

Dining room lined with mirrors
Alustra® Woven Textures®


To Contrast or Blend?

As you scroll through the photos, take note of your preference. Do you like to blend the window coverings with the black trim? Or would you prefer to contrast the black with a neutral color or bold hue? These two rooms show off window shades set against black trim, one outfitted with white Designer Banded Shades and the other in a charcoal gray color.

window treatments for large windows designer banded shades on wall of windows with black window trim in Cleveland OH
Designer Banded Shades
Eastward windows with roller shades in Cleveland OH
Designer Banded Shades


Need the Experts?

With black trim windows being all the rage, you might need help selecting window coverings that will create the perfect look in your Northeastern Ohio area home. The window covering specialists at Timan Custom Window Treatments would love to show you what’s possible! Stop into one of our three area showrooms to get inspired. Then, schedule your FREE design consultation so we can visit your home!