Room Transformation: Beautiful Styling, Much-Deserved Solutions

Now that spring has arrived, we’re seeing more sunny skies here in the Cleveland area. And that has us wondering: How is the light in your home? Does sunshine softly glow throughout your spaces, or are you dealing with flooding brightness and glare? Do you have the perfect lighting in some rooms while struggling with issues in others? Natural light plays a huge role in the comfort, atmosphere, and design of your home. If you find yourself annoyed by the sun as you go about your day, it’s time for a room transformation. Wondering what’s possible? Take a look at the results of this before and after room transformation, and see how you can achieve the ideal balance of beautiful styling and much-deserved solutions.

Before: Frustrating Problems

room transformation

Take a look at this room. Gorgeous, isn’t it?! It’s clear that each design element was carefully selected and intentionally placed, and the effect is pure beauty. Not only that, but the expansive windows offer a breathtaking backdrop of the scene outside. From this photo alone it’s hard to imagine why the owners would need a room transformation. What could possibly be so frustrating and problematic???

The Light

In the instant this photo was taken, the lighting seems pretty ideal. If you lived here, though, you’d know that that’s not always the case. Uncomfortable glare plagues this room during certain parts of the day. And with a whole wall of windows, there’s absolutely no way to avoid it. On top of that, when direct sunshine pours into the space, the temperature inside skyrockets.

The Lack of Privacy

Home is the epitome of comfort–or at least it should be. With bare windows in this space, though, inside life is always on display. While the owners loved the view and the effect of welcoming nature into their design, they had no options for privacy. Feeling constantly exposed was certainly not comfortable, and it also brought on concerns about security.

The Design

It’s hard to believe the owners wanted a room transformation because they had issues with the design. It’s perfect, right? Well, with uncontrolled light comes uncontrolled UV rays. All of their decor elements were at risk for damage. With such big windows, everything–from the flooring and walls to the accents and artwork–was privy to the fading and discoloration that UV rays can cause. In order to protect the value and beauty of their home, they needed a room transformation.

After: Beauty & Solutions

room transformation

With the addition of Duette Duolite shades from Hunter Douglas, this space is more beautiful, comfortable, and protected than ever! What a room transformation! The shades add coordination and impeccable styling throughout the open floor plan and leave the view intact. Their elegant fabric adds a touch of softness that truly makes the space feel like home. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and easily adjustable, so maintaining a comfortable temperature and controlling how much and where light enters is a cinch. What’s more? Privacy and security are available with a simple adjustment, and the whole room is protected from harmful UV rays. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Ready For Your Own Room Transformation?

If you’re fed up with problems caused by the lack of light control in your home, it’s time for a room transformation like this one. You deserve to be surrounded by beautiful styling and solutions that’ll ensure your comfort. And we want to help. By creating a custom plan with the right window treatments for your unique spaces, we’ll help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of. Contact our team at Timan Custom Window Treatments for a free, in-home consultation to get started today!