What Goes with Gold? Ideas for Styling with This Classic Metal

Have you ever noticed that gold is always in fashion? The way designers use it certainly evolves over time, but it’s popularity is quite constant. Incorporating this timeless metallic into your decor will bring lasting beauty and personality to your home. So, what goes with gold? All of these…


A Host of Colors

One of the reasons gold persists in the design world is the fact that it coordinates with just about any color! From one end of the spectrum to the other, gold looks marvelous with everything! Whether it’s pairing with worldly reds, sage greens, beachy blues, or regal purples, you can count on pure beauty!

what goes with gold Cleveland

So, are there any secrets to weaving gold into your existing color schemes? Absolutely! Designers are big on using gold in small doses. A little here and a little there is just enough. The touches of gold on the hardware and lighting in this black and white kitchen make a major style statement. Another secret? You don’t have to use it alone. Mixing metallics is on-trend. While gold is clearly the primary metallic accent in this space, the silver, copper, and stainless elements harmonize perfectly.


The Natural World

When considering what goes with gold, you might be surprised to discover that it combines really well with elements from the natural world. It seems odd because gold lends itself to a polished, refined look and nature is usually quite wild and raw. But that’s the very reason it works: contrast!

what goes with gold Cleveland

Just look at this gorgeous little planter. Its shine stands out in striking beauty against the rough cut, rustic wood. And, the organic form of the greenery juxtaposes the planter’s patterned geometric design. Sophistication meets nature’s untamed beauty for eye-catching appeal.



what goes with gold Cleveland

Styling your windows completes the design of your home. And the look of gold at the window is stunning. Chances are you weren’t considering gold shades…but this dining room might have just changed your mind! Not only do these Pirouette shadings add luxurious style, but they bring incredible function. View-through or concealed privacy are yours in an instant, and the filtered light is absolutely perfect. If you love the look of blinds, the Modern Precious Metals collection is going to be a serious goldmine! With colors such as metallic bright gold, brushed vintage gold, and golden sand, you can create a look that’ll make your home’s style shine and its atmosphere ideal!

What Goes with Gold? It’s All Up To You!

With some inspirational photos and ideas in your pocket now, you’re all set to determine what goes with gold in your own home design. One of the best parts of styling your unique spaces is that you get to choose the decor pieces and room elements that speak to you and create a look you love. Want some help? Our design experts would love to guide you toward blinds, shades, drapery panels, top treatments, or hardware in the perfect shade of gold. Get in touch with our team, at Timan Window Treatments, to set up your FREE, in-home consultation!