Smart & Chic: Motorized Shutters

With all the modern innovations in automated blinds and shades, have you been waiting for motorized shutters to come onto the scene? We have too. And, we’re excited to announce that the wait is finally over! Motorized shutters are here, and they’re amazing! Our Palm Beach plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas combine classic elegance with modern tech. This is a revolutionary product that’ll make your home and life better than ever! We know your mind is racing with questions, so here’s a look at the answers to the most-asked questions about motorized shutters.

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How Do They Work?

Let’s start with the basics. Motorization tilts the louvers on your shutters. They adjust fully open, closed, or anywhere in between in an instant. This could be at your request or on an automated schedule you set.

motorized shutters Cleveland

Just imagine enjoying daylighting, and maintaining privacy, as you get ready in the morning. And think about how nice it would be to never have to feel like you’re living in a cave. East-facing windows automatically adjust closed in the morning to block intense sunshine and heat while west-facing windows bring in comfortable light. Then, as the sun shifts, so do your motorized shutters!

motorized shutters Cleveland

When afternoon sunshine is at its peak, the louvers on west-facing windows close to keep hot temps out while those on your east-facing windows open again. As you go about your day, your home conducts a symphony of perfect privacy, energy-efficiency, and light control.


What Are My Options for Control?

motorized shutters Cleveland

The way you control your motorized shutters is totally up to you! Easily integrate them into your smart home system for convenient voice control. Use your smartphone, favorite device, or a remote control. The ideal atmosphere is always at your fingertips…quite literally…because you can also move the louvers by hand without engaging the motor. Whatever works for you, works for your shutters!


Should I Avoid Putting Them in Certain Rooms?

motorized shutters Cleveland

The quick answer: Nope! Our Palm Beach Polysatin collection is designed with beauty and durability in mind. Many people worry about window treatments in rooms that experience intense sunshine and moisture. With these plantation shutters, you can put your worries aside. On top of being gorgeously stylish for any space, they’re engineered to withstand extreme heat and humidity.


How Can I Get Started with Motorized Shutters?

It’s easy with us! Whether motorized shutters are just what you’ve been waiting for or something you’d simply like to hear more about, our team is here for you! At Timan Window Treatments, we have three beautiful Cleveland-area showrooms for you to explore. We’re also happy to come right to your home for a free, in-home consultation. Bringing samples, inspiration, and expert advice, our design consultants can help you create the home of your dreams! Reach out to our team today!