Room Darkening to Blackout Window Treatments for Your Home

We are so happy that spring is right around the corner here in the Cleveland area. With the rising temps and Daylight Savings Time, we’re also going to be experiencing more sunlight! Who would ever complain about sunshine? Anyone who gets too much in certain areas of their home! From room darkening to blackout window treatments, we’re discussing the best ways to customize light control where you need it most!


What are Room Darkening Shades?

Just as the name suggests, room darkening shades will help to darken the space. This will help to eliminate the irritating glare and direct sunlight that comes along with a bright, sunny day. There may still be a little bit of light seen as tiny gaps on either side, giving the outline of the shade a slight glow. Room darkening shades are a great solution to rid a room of most of the light during the day for midday naps.

Room darkening to blackout solutions perfect for spring sunshine.

Blackout Shades Deliver Darkness

Where room darkening shades may allow a tiny bit of light, blackout shades do not. They call for darkness, even during midday. These make the perfect window treatments for East and West facing rooms, where the sun may be intense at times of day, like sunrise and sunset. Media rooms are a favorite for opaque fabrics–achieving the satisfaction of a dark space. With the latest innovation of the LightLock system, the light is sealed out with side U-channels.

Blackout shades in media room.

Room Darkening to Blackout: Finding the Perfect Shades for You

You may have some rooms in your home that call for darkness, such as a child’s nursery during nap times. And, you may have rooms where total blackout isn’t necessary. It’s all about finding the right solutions for your home, and more specifically, each individual room. Another possibility to control the natural light is Dual Shades. With this system, you can go from light filtering to room darkening all within one window treatment.

Dual shades for this home office in Cleveland home.

We Want to Help!

Our team here at Timan Window Treatments is eager to help you get started transforming your windows for Spring. We’re here to help with all of your window treatment needs, whether that means room darkening to blackout, or other solutions. We have it all! Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.