What Are the Best Energy Efficient Options?

As a homeowner, chances are, you’ve tried to do your homework about the best energy efficient products for your home. When it comes to dressing the windows, we’re helping you out. It’s not just about style, but the solutions you can invite into your home!


How to Get the Best Energy Efficient Results

In addition to the fabrics and construction of the products, there are features you can select that will make the best energy efficient window coverings even better!

Top Down

The sunshine streams in across the ceiling, but the majority of the window is covered. Hello, daylighting!

Smart Home Tech

The smart system you already use can connect with your smart shades, allowing them to trigger adjustments when it comes to daily events and temperatures.

Two In One

Get double the enjoyment out of your home with dual shades. Soft light can be filtered, but the same shade system will bring down the light blocking shade when necessary.

Specialty Shapes

Don’t hesitate to cover those unique windows and tricky doors. We have custom coverings that will be designed to look amazing and function properly–including bringing energy efficiency to your home!

cellular shades with side channels that seal out the light
Duette® Shades with LightLock™


The Details Behind the Design

Intentional Insulation

Even with new windows, the light can heat up your interiors. Older windows? Not only is the glass not efficient, but the windows might be drafty. The insulating designs of cellular construction, folded fabrics and framing of shutters can prevent this energy loss.

Innovative Details

Extra effort can be taken when you have windows that face intense sunshine. Side channels can be utilized to seal out light and heat when the shades are closed.

Smart Control

Smart shades can trigger to adjust in conjunction with temperature. Daily schedules will have your home harnessing the sun’s light, yet keeping the heat out during the hot afternoons of summer. And, it all happens without effort from you.

Crafted for Excellence

With intense light and heat can come damage. But, not to worry! Our window coverings are designed with specialty finishes and fabrics that prevent damage from natural elements.

smart phone control of smart shades
PowerView® Automation



Which Ones Do We Love?

Honeycomb Shades

Rated #1 across the board as the best energy efficient shades, honeycomb shades are bound to make your home more comfortable. The cell-within-a-cell structure traps air and prevents the heat exchange.

Roman Shades

Fabrics make great insulation. And, the opacities you select contribute to the efficiency of blocking light, heat and UV rays.


Draperies can often be thought of as a beautiful way to frame your windows. But, do you know how helpful they are when blocking light and heat?

Plantation Shutters

Interior shutters frame the window, reducing the air flow that can cause energy loss in your home.

Roller Shades

Known for blocking the light, roller shades can help keep your home more comfortable. With innovative design, Hunter Douglas took rollers one step further with the Sonnette™ collection. Cellular pockets trap the air, but the shades function like rollers for simplistic operation.

gray fabric roman shades on glass patio doors
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

More Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Coverings

What else comes with the best energy efficient products? A whole bunch of benefits you’ll love!

  • Privacy adjustments
  • Convenience of smart control
  • Modern operating systems for safety
  • Better sleep with room darkening
  • Glare reduction
  • Illuminated daylighting

Would you love to enhance the energy efficiency of your home while also receiving a host of other benefits? It’s summer time now in the Cleveland area, but energy efficiency delivers year-round! Let’s chat. Get in touch with our team at Timan Custom Window Treatments for a FREE consultation.