Color of the Year 2024…It’s Here!

It’s an exciting time of year in the design world. The Pantone Color Institute has announced their choice for Color of the Year and it has people talking! So what color received the honor this year? A soft gentle hue named Peach Fuzz and we can’t wait to show you all it can do!

Allow Yourself to be Inspired

You heard it right, the color of the year 2024 is “peach”. We know, we know. It’s not the first color that comes to mind when you think of refreshing your space. But we believe this shade can change that. Check out how colors in the peach family have transformed the spaces below and allow yourself to be inspired. 

Fresh New Cabinetry

Retro vibes are popular again and a shade of peach is all you need to revitalize your kitchen cabinetry. But don’t stop there, elevate your fresh new look with sleek bar stools and a posh marble backsplash. This kitchen becomes the envy of all your neighbors, upscale and incredibly on point. 

color of the year refreshed kitchen in cleveland

Light it Up

There are other more subtle ways to infuse the COTY into your design. Do these rose-colored copper globes remind you of anything? A cool splash of peach, maybe? The accent wall color and chairs bring this design all together. 

peach fuzz shade in lighting in cleveland

Designer Walls

A feature wall is a great place to showcase the color of the year. We are seeing peach painted walls make their debut and we believe this incredible ombre design takes this bedroom to the next level. No need to decide on one shade of peach, use a spectrum of color to create sophisticated wall art. Can you spot Peach Fuzz?

ombre peach fuzz in bedroom feature wall

Color Pairings Evolve

color pairings with color of the year

Color pairings are important in home decor, they are very reliable and give us a starting point. Here, the traditional combination of black, white & red is refreshed a bit. By replacing the red with peach, this bathroom has been given a more feminine vibe. The soft peach hue complements the black and white just as well as red would but offers a fresh modern look. 

Let’s Talk Windows

As it turns out, the color of the year 2024 is an incredible choice in window treatments too. This peaceful hue will not overpower your space. It gives a subtle hint of color while providing window covering solutions. Create a fashion-forward look for any room with your favorite shade of peach.

honeycomb shades in peach the color of the year
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


Color of the Year 2024: Are you ready for it?

Love it or hate it, Peach Fuzz is the chosen one this year. What do you think? With so many shades and different design methods to introduce peach into your home, we believe every home has a place for this soft, beautiful color. Still not sure? The designers at Timan can help you refresh your home with your favorite version of the color of the year. We can help you select window treatments that best fit your style and needs. Get in touch with us today for your FREE in-home consultation today.