5 Ways to Create a More Organized Home

The start of a new year often brings about the thought of fresh beginnings. Many people find themselves dreaming of an organized home during this time. There are five fundamental rules for achieving organization that can be applied to various situations with a few minor adjustments! Take a look at the list.

5 Steps to Achieve an Organized Home

  1. Start by removing everything. Absolutely everything.
  2. Feel no guilt about discarding expired or broken items. (Consider donating unused items in good condition!)
  3. Categorize items into groups, including those that don’t belong in the specific area.
  4. Grab baskets or containers to group similar objects as you reintroduce them to the space.
  5. Ensure that you tackle only one closet, room, or area at a time.

Let’s go ahead and dive into how this list can be applied to help you live in an organized home!

Confront the Closets

Do you have hidden treasures or just a wide array of belongings stashed away? As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have those closets where items have found their way to the very back for an extended period. The journey of organizing your closet is a fantastic starting point for living a more orderly lifestyle. As you clear out and declutter, reorganizing by grouping similar items will significantly help you pare everything down. Opt for baskets or bins to maintain orderliness. Let the closet transformation begin!

Built in shelving within a closet with baskets that fit perfectly into space

Organize the Entryway 

When we think about the “entryway” in a home,  we’re not referring to the area where guests enter. Odds are, your front entry is free from disarray. We’re addressing the “drop zone.” This is the place where you enter the most frequently. It is where you bring in your groceries or your kids’ path as they come home from school. It may feel like a chaotic spot in your home but the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay this way.

A neutral tone mudroom with sandy brown built ins, hooks with purses and hats and a tile floor

Embrace the philosophy of “everything in its place.” This area should be an area that has enough storage where you can hang backpacks, and coats, and have shelving for boots and shoes. If you are a pet owner, add a dedicated basket or hook for pet essentials. This area caters to daily necessities, emphasizing that items not in regular use should find a new home. Clearing unnecessary belongings from these daily areas can greatly help you live in an organized home. 

Tame the Toys 

Do you find yourself in the whirlwind of parenting, constantly searching for the ultimate trick to combat the endless mess caused by your children? The chaos might feel never-ending with young children. However, the mess won’t be around forever!  While you can certainly implement the five rules mentioned above, we’ve got an additional tip for you. Consider donating, tossing, or stashing away those toys for a while. You’ll be amazed at what you see when it is reintroduced after a couple of months – it’s like having a brand-new set of toys! 

A kids playroom with built in bookshelves, a white teepee and baskets of toys

Promote Productivity 

When it comes to promoting productivity, this is where our expertise comes into play. The key to attaining success in your journey for a more organized home lies in increasing your productivity. Curious about how to do this? Well, it all comes down to lighting. The choice of window shades can have a significant influence on the overall look and feel of your home. Harness the power of natural light, but be mindful – too much of it can be draining! 

Alustra® Woven Textures® in white covering black trim windows in Avon Lake OH home
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Let’s Get Started

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