Child Safe Blinds: 5 Choices for You

Children are adventurous. They’re curious little mischief-makers. They can find themselves in predicaments that make adults do a double take. Do you have hidden dangers in your home? You’ve probably been forced to childproof your home along the way, but what about child safe blinds? Have you heard about how dangerous dangling cords can be? Tangles, hassles and yes…even fatal injuries can occur. It’s something no parent ever wants to think about, but it’s the reality you must face to ensure your children are safe in their own home. At Timan Window Treatments, we take the safety of your family very seriously. Do you need options for child safe blinds and shades? Let us help you find the best choices for your home.


#1 Go Cordless with Motorization.

motorized cordless child safe blinds and shadesBack in the sixties, Marvin Gaye sang these famous lyrics, and I’m convinced he was talking about a toddler. “Ain’t no mountain high enough…ain’t no river wide enough…” There’s just no area in the home that’s off-limits for a small child who is determined to get there. This is why you need child safe blinds and shades. Tying up the cords of your old blinds just isn’t safe enough. Cordless blinds and shades are a perfect safety solution for your home. And cordless blinds and shades can be motorized, which means they are adjusted on a schedule or in an instant. No muss, no fuss. PowerView motorization will not only make your home child safe, but the ease and convenience will transform your life.


#2 Go Cordless with LiteRise.

cordless child safe blinds and shadesHunter Douglas has gone above and beyond to ensure you have options for child safe blinds and shades that will give you peace of mind. LiteRise is the cordless operating system in blinds and shades. You can easily activate these child safe blinds and shades by gently adjusting up, down or anywhere in between with the bottom rail. They stay where you put them, and that’s great for light control, but even better for safety. No dangling cords, no hassle. Simple and safe. The way it should be.


#3, #4, #5 Control Those Cords.

cord secure child safe blinds and shadesAs much as you want to overhaul your home with child safe blinds, whether you choose motorized shades or cordless blinds, we also know every home–and situation–is different. Does your home have windows that sit behind furniture? Is your layout such that having a cord is the best choice for you? Don’t despair. You’ve got options for child safe blinds and shades. The key is the intentional control of the cords. Hunter Douglas knows you need to make safety your top priority–so they’ve made it theirs.

#3 The UltraGlide operating system features a retractable cord. They’ve made it as short as possible–not a tempting danger. It also hangs up by the top of your window coverings. And, after you activate it? It retracts right back into a safe position, out of harm’s way.

#4 Cord security, otherwise known as a cord tensioner, is another option for child safe blinds and shades. The cord is present, but it’s installed securely against the window frame. It’s not a dangling danger. It lets you activate the window coverings without offering the slack that can turn into a danger.

#5 Standard Cordlock is another option for child safe blinds. While there are still cords present, the cord can lock into place, and using a cord cleat, you can add safety to your window coverings.


Make Safety a Priority: Child Safe Blinds

Are you ready to make some changes to increase safety in your home? These tips on child safe blinds and shades are one way to ensure your family’s safety. We can help. When we come to your home for a free, in-home consultation, we can provide tips and products to help make safety a priority. We’ll listen to the ways you use your home and the concerns you have. We’ll help you make the best decision for your family based on your needs. Contact our team, at Timan Window Treatments, and let’s get started!