The 7 Types of Roller Shades

It’s hard to believe there are 7 types of roller shades. But with innovation happening so quickly within the industry, there is a roller shade for just about every style and function out there. Join us as we discover the world of roller shades, and learn why this category continues to top the charts, year after year. Here are the 7 types of roller shades, in no particular order…

#1 Architectural Rollers

guest bedroom with modern desk, chair, and lamp with gray window treatments
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Let’s begin with a recent addition to the roller category, the Alustra® Architectural Roller Shade. The newest member of the Hunter Douglas family is all finesse. These roller shades feature exclusive Alustra fabrics to create an incredible high-end luxurious finish.

#2 Rolling Romans

vignette studio romans Vs Rollers
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Not just a roman, but a rolling roman. Amazing! Rolling romans are quickly becoming an industry favorite for their good looks and incredible features. If you love the roman shade design but the function of a roller, you can now have both in one!

#3 Woven Textures Rollers

Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

To create dimension and interest in your home, consider our Woven Textures Roller Shades. These incredible shades are a designer favorite, made with specialty fabrics and stunning hardware to finish the look. Your neighbors may have other types of roller shades, but no one will have these.

#4 Designer Banded Shades

Banded shades in cream fabrics next to succulents overlooking a tranquil lake
Designer Banded Shades

The innovation continues in the home decor industry with the Designer Banded Shade. Of all the types of roller shades, the designer banded is by far the most extraordinary. These shades not only roll, but rotate too! Take a look at their geometric style and how the two layers of fabric rotate from sheer to solid allowing both light control and privacy. It’s amazing! Roll them up and out of the way completely for an uncompromised view.

#5 Sonnette Cellular Roller

breakfast nook with kitchen window coverings in cleveland, oh
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades offer light control and temperature control.

In the past, roller shades have done a great job blocking the sun, but they couldn’t insulate your windows. Now, Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades have changed all that. In the lowered position, their honeycomb cellular design keeps the extreme temperatures at bay. And, they can roll into the headrail–disappearing from view!

#6 Exterior Screen Shades

exterior screen shades for your covered patio in Cleveland
Exterior Screen Shades

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor space, exterior roller shades are the universal choice! That’s what we love about them. You’ve spent all winter in your Cleveland area home. It’s time to get outside. Solve issues like direct sun, annoying insects & UV protection while relaxing with your landscape views.

#7 Designer Rollers & Screens

types of roller shades in cleveland, oh
Designer Roller Shades

Not to be overlooked is our two original designs Designer Roller Shade & Designer Screen Shades. These shades will take your home design to the next level with patterned fabrics and incredible color choices. Choose the opacity you want to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Add a statement-making roller shade to your space and elevate your current decor.

Which Is Your Favorite Type of Roller Shade?

Is your head spinning? It should be! With 7 types of roller shades to choose from, how can you make the right choice? Why not stop in to our showroom for help! Meet with our design team, share ideas and discuss window issues you’d like to remedy. Then, schedule your FREE in-home consultation! It’s that easy.